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What a way to go...

About Cruise Bruise

Sitting on the terrace gazing at the amazing ocean view on December 31, 2013, pondering the year’s end, conversations evolved into hard looks at the years since December 2005, when Cruise Bruise first made its appearance on the world-wide web.

That first Christmas, sitting on an ocean front terrace, Cruise Bruise embraced the cause of “cruise industry victims”. At the time Cruise Bruise creators thought the term “victim” was very well defined and confined to a limited amount of incidents at sea. Nine years later, after reading case details from hundreds of cases, the term “victim” actually morphed far beyond the early definition. According to Merriam Webster, “victim” is defined as “a person who has been attacked, injured, robbed, or killed by someone else”. Using that exact definition, there are no cruise line victims. Nobody working at the corporate offices of any cruise line was personally involved in the physical, hands-on, victimization of a passenger in any case we’ve read. While they may exist, we have not seen them.

Not satisfied with taking the word of every “victim” making a public statement to publicize their case, we began to heavily research court documents, reading hundreds of cases, thousands of pages, word for word, in a quest to get cruise industry victimization facts. What happened in our quest for truth surprised us; we found the biggest victim in cruise industry cases, was the cruise industry itself.

The cruise industry is at the mercy of employees, contractors and passengers who don’t honor the terms of their agreements, bringing shame and dishonor upon the cruise lines. Guests fail to supervise their children properly, then blame the cruise line for their parenting failures. Guests or employees who drank too much alcohol (sometimes illegally smuggled aboard the cruise ship), throw their personal responsibility overboard, while placing themselves in jeopardy, form a large portion of those claiming victimzation. Others still, simply did not pay attention to widely advised safety procedures for enjoying the cruise and staying safe.

Those who have personality disorders which heighten their need to break legal laws, widely accepted personal behavior and social standards, jump overboard or fall overboard during stunts, as they exercise their right to use poor judgment. As well, there are those who decide to end their life in the churning sea, comprising the largest amount of media and blogger hype in the rush to demonize the cruise industry.

In truth, if you remove each case where:
  • an employee injured another person or ship full of people, violating their terms of contract,
  • children who were injured during a lack of parental supervision,
  • people who became ill during an event which was unrelated to ship services,
  • had pre-existing conditions which worsened during a cruise resulting in death,
  • people who were victims of a crime committed by someone they were in a relationship with,
  • people who failed to exercise due diligence and caution while in dangerous areas on the ship,
  • people who didn't adhere to internationally accepted personal safety standards,

  • whether incidents involved alcohol or not, what remains wouldn’t be enough to launch a single cruise industry awareness website.

    Information and truth are powerful weapons, Cruise Bruise will continue to seek the truth and report it using the Freedom Of Information Act. Our new agenda is to follow truth without grand-standing, fist pumping, soap box speeches, commentary or opinions in cases we present to the public. An example of change in agenda is our, free of charge, rapidly increasing collection of unedited cruise industry lawsuits, which paint a much clearer picture of events taking place at sea.

    While we will not post each cruise industry case or documents from every case, cases we post will be official court documents comprising complaints filed against the cruise industry or cases where a cruise line was involved in a non-maritime law legal action. We will be operating under the assumption our visitors share an intellectual demographic profile which renders them capable of reading the court documents and coming to their own conclusion of who the real victim is, if there is one, in each case.

    January 1, 2014 - New Management Team
    On January 1, 2014, Cruise Bruise came under the guidance of a new management team, setting in motion the wheels of change and a new agenda, founded on truth not rumor and conjecture and a single stated goal of cruise ship passenger safety through information. If we can assist people with making smart decisions through historical data collection information, they will be far less likely to need an attorney. The day marked the beginning to the end of attorney advertising on Cruise Bruise and the associated websites, when the existing advertising contract was due to expire on September 11, 2014.

    February 20, 2014 - Case Inclusion Changes
    The first big visual change was taken on February 20, 2014, when the two sexually-based cruise industry “crime” websites were shut down, forever. Next, we deleted numerous other cruise industry websites which covered topics such as bed bugs, pollution and environment, epidemics and whale strikes as well as other websites deemed out of alignment with our core values centered on PROVEN facts, not emotion.

    April 17, 2014 - The Cruise Ship Wave Network
    We began to develop another thirty websites to assist passengers and the industry with their goal of providing, assisting and embarking on memorable holidays for guests and their family members at home. Then, we began sorting our case inventory into easy to find categories which draw a very plain picture of what is really going on in each sector of cruise industry incidents, during the adventures on the high seas. We deleted many more cases altogether. The next very ambitious step was to place the collection of fifty websites under one brand, The Cruise Ship Wave Network, with one navigation set, to make it as easy as possible to get from any one website page to any other website page within the network. We worldwide weather to every page of the network, so that no matter where the visitor is at any given moment within our network, they see cruise industry weather for each global region.

    The failure of passengers and crew members to take personal responsibility for their actions is endangering the survival of the cruise industry in the United States itself. The number of ocean sailing cruise lines still flying the America flag is down to just one cruise line with only one cruise ship flying the American flag, Pride Of America. Cruise Bruise is now doing its part to ensure American pride lives on, protecting the assets of the cruise industry in the U.S by giving the public easy access to court records in order to gain a better, undistorted understanding of safety at sea.

    April 17, 2015 - Mobile-friendly
    We began to developing a new website design, which is friendly to all screen resolutions, including tablets and mobile phones. As the websites are converted, the color change signifies the new mobile-friendly template. The blue and green template is the 2013-2014 version. The blue only template is the version friendly for all devices.