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Book Wife Overboard By Steve Colbourne

Companion Guide to Wife Overboard - Cruise Bruise Editors Choice Award - September 25, 2015

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Companion Guide to Wife Overboard - Cruise Bruise Editors Choice Award - September 25, 2015


The Cruise Bruise Companion Guide to Wife Overboard

Wife Overboard Wife Overboard - Cruise Bruise Editors Choice AwardCruise Bruise Editor's Choice!
By Steve Colbourne
$12,99 - At Amazon

The ding on my ipad alerted me to a new follower on Twitter. As I opened the Twitter app, I saw the new follower was @wifeoverboard. Intrigued by the user name, I went to his Twitter profile and browsed his Twitter feed. I found the user name belonged to author Steve Colbourne, who had written the book Wife Overboard in March 2015.

Enquiring minds need to know, as I always say. So, I went to Amazon and downloaded the Kindle version of the book to my ipad. What I discovered during the first half dozen chapters of this 300 page book was so shocking, I stopped and started from the beginning, again. The second time around I was able to confirm, in my opinion, Wife Overboard is a very clever, fictional "Blueprint For Cruise Ship Murder At Sea".

As I open the book, I read "Wife Overboard is a work of fiction set in the cruise travel industry with a fictional cruise line. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental."

Then I move onto the Dedications, "I started writing this book after coming out of hospital having just undergone my first chemotherapy session for my Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia (CLL). I would therefore like to thank all the following for their support . . . " There it is. The connection. My own cancer had been diagnosed in September 2008 after many years of suffering, without knowing why.

The first pause in my reading came when I saw the name of a website used to plan main character Michael's horrific murder at sea of his wife of 30 years, Cruise Ship Missing. It was evident to me, Michael was using one of my websites to plot his murder. Colbourne's description of the website's pages make it clear to me, beyond a doubt, this is my website.

For ten years I have dogged hundreds of cruise ship incidents at sea I don't just report a blurb on a case and let it go, I follow it for years and update the cases as new information becomes confirmed. I am so well versed on the cases on my websites, I can tell a person the name of the case, after they describe just a few words to me. I am a self-professed expert in cruise ship death cases.

As I continue reading, Michael begins extensive research of murders and people who have gone overboard on the Cruise Ship Deaths website, as well. Case after case, Michael researches the cases beginning with the case of Karen Roston, known on my websites as one of three cruise ship honeymoon deaths. Karen Roston was murdered by husband Scott and thrown overboard. Scott Roston was convicted of his wife's murder. There is book review for Scott Roston's book Nightmare in Israel, which was the basis for his murder trial defense.

The next Cruise Ship Deaths case researched by Michael is the case of George Allen Smith IV, who was allegedly murdered on his honeymoon. I followed that case so closely for many years, it's not even listed on our page for Cruise Ship Murders. Instead, Smith is listed on the Overboard Deaths page. While Smith's family still contends George was murdered and tossed overboard, the facts in the case do not support the claim of murder, according to the FBI who closed the case as an accidental death.

The story is certainly sensational, but the details paint an entirely different picture of the events surrounding the night George went into the sea. There is one very clear message in that case, Excessive alcohol consumption and cruising do not mix. This has been the deadly combination at the heart of many teen and young adults cruise ship overboard incidents, which were not so mysterious, as it turns out. A book was written about the case before the FBI had reopened and reclosed the case, Man Overboard: Inside The Honeymoon Cruise Murder by Joan Lownds. I was consulted on the case and am listed in the credits as ""

The next cruise ship topic Michael considers is crew working conditions and their pay. Many years ago I wrote an article for the Cruise Bruise website, which went into depth on that topic, after being contracted by more than a dozen crew member working for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Michael returns to the Cruise Ship Deaths website and researches the overboard case of writer Jennifer Ellis-Seitz. Seitz had become well-known for the couples' appearance on the cruise ship's 'Not So Newlywed' game where she bragged about the couple having sex all over cruise ships when they traveled.

Next, Michael discovers a case I have followed relentlessly for nine years.I dare say, other than law enforcement, I'm probably the foremost expert on the cruise ship murder case of Micki Kanesaki and her ex-husband Lonnie Kocontes. He and his friends have spent more time on the case page than I can count,and Kocontes spent more time in my inbox trying to force me off the case, than any other case I have followed. Some of the best insider tips arriving in my inbox have come from those associated with that case, much of which couldn't repeat to others and doesn't appear on the case page.

This is where I decided to call this book review, A Blueprint For Cruise Ship Murder At Sea. Michael creates a ten point check list which details how to get away with his wife's murder.

Then, Michael stumbles upon the overboard case of Cadet Ernesto Guzman and Clarice Partee who went overboard around 0100 hours on March 25, 2007, but were recovered by the cruise ship crew.

When Michael is researching the best location on the ship to murder his wife Sharon, he studies the case of Eileen Gay Gibson. Eileen Gay Gibson was one of my first cases which originally appeared on Cruise Bruise before I split up Cruise Bruise into The Cruise Ship Wave Network. I had discovered the old ship passenger murder case from 1947 and added it to the database in 2006.

These are the nuts of bolts of research from our websites. We have the Wife Overboard book review, which you should read before buying Steve Colbourne's very entertaining, brilliantly plotted cruise ship murder mystery. Bookmark this page, so that after buying and reading the book, you can access the Cruise Bruise Companion Guide to Wife Overboard.