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Wife Overboard
A Blueprint For Cruise Ship Murder

By Steve Colbourne - Cruise Bruise Editor's Choice Award

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Wife Overboard
A Blueprint For Cruise Ship Murder

By Steve Colbourne - The Cruise Bruise Editor's Choice Award


Cruise Bruise Editors Choice Award

WINNER! - The Cruise Bruise Editor's Choice Award!

Wife Overboard Wife Overboard - a 'willhedoit' that reveals the dark side of the cruise travel industry
By Steve Colbourne
Printed: March 23, 2015
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 978-1507853740
Paperback, Kindle
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Wife Overboard by Steve Colbourne is a blueprint for cruise ship murder at sea. Set in the British seaside community of Brighton in southern England, Michael, 56, and his wife Sharon, 50, have a two-story apartment located on the marina waterfront, enduring 30 years of "mundane" marriage.

Somewhere along the way, they have fallen out of love as their verbal sparing indicates, with Michael continually feeling emasculated. Contributing factors may have been the fact that the couple have no children and no pets which would give the marriage a constant display of affection. As well, they both own their own businesses which have a mentally preoccupying effect on their marriage. Sharon owns a hair salon in town, and Michael has owned an electrical contracting business for 20 years.

While Sharon is bright and attractive, with long blond hair and green eyes, the pair have been sleeping separately for some time. In spite of their alienation, Sharon has no clue that Michael is having a hot, torrid extra-marital affair.

At least one reason for their sexual alienation appears to be due to Michael's small "bits" and his focus on satisfying his own needs, quickly. Then, there is the fact as Sharon would say, "Michael would not be able to find her erogenous zones unless they were on Goggle Maps". Probably, the most important reason is Sharon's deep dark secret, which she doesn't share with Michael, but becomes one of numerous shocking, twists and turns, as the well-thought out plot unfolds.

Michael has been having an affair with Sharon's best friend, Mary. Mary, is a house wife known for extra-marital affairs and hot, kinky sex, who is married to financially well-off, computer geek Bob, who "looked like a man born to wear slippers and a cardigan". Bob's keen intellect plays a very special role in this very proper, British cruise ship murder plot.

Michael's electrical business has been failing, with migrants from around Europe under-bidding him for contracts. Financially struggling, he hasn't shared the money problems with Sharon and sees her death as a chance to stop the financial free fall through life insurance. As a bonus, the decline in work has given Michael more time to play with Mary and more time to plot Sharon's' perfect murder with his time-consuming, online research.

Michael plots Sharon's cruise ship overboard murder with cold, calculating, obsessive compulsive attention to details. He thoroughly researches every aspect of the planned murder online with his computer and ipad, using our Cruise Ship Missing and Cruise Ship Deaths websites' historical database to layout his plan for a vicious murder at sea. Michael makes a mental check list of how things might go wrong and what not to do, based on the many specific cases he reads online, in an effort to ensure he gets away with Sharon's murder.

Kudos to Colbourne's use of fictional character Michael's thoughts, observations and commentary on the specific details of so many cruise ship overboard cases, it is both brilliant as well as a refreshing and enlightening evaluation on cruise ship deaths, overboard passengers and crew and the cruise industry as whole. Fictional character Michael thinks in print, what others wish they could say publicly, without fear of being sued.

There is a very important moral to the story, something you will need to figure out on your own, through reading Colbourne's extensively researched, very dark, yet clever work of intrigue, woven into one of the best cruise ship murder mysteries of all times.