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The Alaska Titan
in the Cruise Ship Theme Park

By Dick Callahan

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The Alaska Titan
in the Cruise Ship Theme Park

By Dick Callahan

The Alaska Titan The Alaska Titan - in the Cruise Ship Theme Park
By Dick Callahan
2007 Nautilus Book Awards Finalist
Adult Visionary Fiction Category
Harbor Seal Press
Juneau Alaska

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The Alaska Titan will make for great company on a cold, wind-whipped day. Cruise Bruise visitors will find their interest peaked as cruise ships and their, non-fiction, historically correct disasters have a way of working their way into the story line. Callahan, a seasoned salvage diver in real life, works in not only adventure on the high seas and in the backwoods of Alaska, but below the waterline as well.

If you don't turn another page this year, you'll want to open the cover of this book and take a look inside at the heart and soul of the people of Alaska. Because, while the tale is fictional, it couldn't possibly be more real.

The book is compiled from reflections of reality with dashes of personalities that would have fit nicely on the television show, Northern Exposure, the crabbing adventures of Deadliest Catch or the likes of Grizzly Adams. There is a touch of Cruise Bruise style disdain for things dumped into the sea illegally and crew member abuses, with a dash of National Geographic environmental realism, all combining to give an incredibly full version of life in America's sea towns of the great white north.

You are warned, that like raw, ground pepper on stir-fried shrimp, unsavory words from sailor's mouths are sprinkled heavily enough they'd make a sailor's preacher blush. If that was the only seasoning in The Alaska Titan, the book would be simply entertaining. It is the action and interaction of characters in this story and a hair-splitting ending that turn what could have been a bland homespun recipe ala Northern Exposure into a Garam Masala serving of this teenager's adventures.

Though brash in a minor sense, the endearing George Wentworth, tugs from within the pages grabbing the readers and pulling them in, page after page. Once the adventure begins and the dull obligatory life of the younger Wentworth is told, it is impossible to put the book down. George Wentworth is the product of a broken home who hitch-hiked from New England to the northwest as a teen of sixteen years, lands in Juneau, Alaska living the life of a troll under a bridge until he lands a job working as a greenhorn fisherman on a commercial fishing vessel from hell. As Wentworth becomes a man, he tosses his alter ego George into the fire and becomes Finnbarr or Finn for short, a man who has passed the test of manhood and paid his dues, including a face-to-face encounter with a too-touchy-feely octopus at the bottom of the sea.

Cruise Bruise gets a minor mention in The Alaska Titan, as a source. It is good to know that people coming to Cruise Bruise are getting information that enriches and fortifies their lives just a wee bit, one way or another. Reading Dick Callahan's The Alaska Titan, will further that enrichment in your life.

Callahan was a 2007 Nautilus Book Awards Finalist in the Adult Visionary Fiction Category. The Nautilus Book Awards recognize and reward a group of world-changing, award winning books and celebrate how they contribute to positive social change.

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