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Gentleman Companion
A Steamy Cruise Ship Romance

By Patricia Kay

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Gentleman Companion
A Steamy Cruise Ship Romance

By Patricia Kay

Gentleman Companion One Gentleman Companion One - By Patricia Kay
Printed September 27, 2011
Paperback - 452 pages
ISBN: 978-1463783211
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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While confronting his own mortality, Lawrence, the Gentleman Companion, grants life wishes to women he meets on the cruise ship, Celestial Nova. Angeline, the ship’s Event Director, orchestrates Lawrence’s encounters into unforgettable moments each woman will cherish. Will Lawrence’s illness prevent him from discovering why one of his companions has left the ship early and is she the one who is responsible for unauthorized charges to his stateroom? Join Lawrence on a cruise - It just might be THE cruise of your life.

While fantasizing about love and romance scenarios is a favorite past time of millions of women, it's followed closely by the love of fantasies at sea. For those women who cruise frequently and those who have never cruised, dreams are formed and fantasies become plans of what might come to be in the romanticized portrayal of life on the high seas.

To combine general romance and romance at sea into one book, makes for perfect reading for the avid cruise lover as well as the woman who dreams of her first cruise.

The central character in both books is Lawrence, a gentleman companion who cruises aboard the cruise ship Celestial Nova in return for entertaining woman aboard the cruise ship. The book's chapters describe Lawrence's interaction with eight women, who come from various backgrounds and have various needs which Lawrence will try to accommodate.

The event director, Angeline, is the liaison between the cruise ship guests and Lawrence. Early on, I begin to wonder, how long will it take before something more than a business relationship evolves between Angeline and Lawrence.

There are notable differences between Gentleman Companion One and Gentleman Companion Two. The first book has a table of contents, though the page the chapter begins on is not listed.

The second book has no table of contents. Instead, it has a list of resources at the back of the book. The resources cover a range of website topics including Asperger's Syndrome, a medical condition on the autism spectrum, cancer, dementia, downs syndrome, heroin addiction, HIV/AIDS and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, among others. These resources hint at some of the scenarios outline within the pages of Gentleman Companion books.

I've been raising a several autistic grandson since his birth, a relationship that has presented me with daily challenges, reaching far beyond what I previously imagined. This has enabled me to begin envisioning how the dramas of life would leave other women wanting to escape from reality, if only for a few minutes here and there and how Patricia Kay's books could deliver the fantasy of a romantic interlude on the high seas, in a way readers have yet to experience.

While Gentleman Companion One is a mere sustenance snack compared to Gentleman Companion Two, Patricia Kay serves an eight course succulent, gourmet meal within the second book. The second book has larger and wider pages, more pages, less margin space and more content in general. Of special note is the larger text font, which older women and those who are visually impaired will surely appreciate.

I look forward to a romantic ending to Lawrence's cruise ship dates within Gentleman Companion Three.